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Adjustable workstations ensure ergonomic working conditions in onboard factories


In production facilities across the world it is becoming increasingly important to ensure good working conditions for factory workers. The factories onboard large fishing vessels are no exception. In this production where space is limited as it is, ergonomics on the production line is highly valued.

A factory layout designed for the factory workers

In an onboard factory, every inch count, and the factory layout is of course designed to ensure a high production capacity and a continuous flow throughout the factory deck. At the same time, ergonomics is becoming more and more important as well. A lot of the onboard processes are automated and conveyors, cooker etc. run without human intervention.

Among all of the automated flows, there are also workstations where the factory workers either handle processing or packing of the catch.

At these stations the ergonomics are important to include in the factory layout by for instance making them height adjustable, to accommodate workers of all heights.
- Area Sales Manager, Thomas Andreasen

In addition, the workstations are designed with the necessary equipment and chutes within reach to minimize the strain on the workers during these repetitive motions.

Keeping the equipment and the crew up and running

Every day, the factory and the machinery are undergoing maintenance, lubrication and cleaning. In the same way it is important to take good care of the crew. They are an essential part of the production flow.

An ergonomic factory layout is not only good for the factory workers. It is also a small investment with a short ROI for the owner.

Want to know more?

To talk more on designing an ergonomic working enviroment in your onboard factory, contact our experienced seafood team

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