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A new production area in only three days

The installation crew from Carsoe has worked hard and efficiently. In only three days they removed a complete section of the Swedish Kronfågel AB and installed the new equipment, including 16 customized conveyors.

Even though the production was not running, the area was bustling with life. 12 installations engineers from Carsoe and the crew from Swedish Kronfågel AB were committed to getting the new area up and running within the short timeframe. “We know that downtime in the production is costly and we are focused on getting the job done quickly, Project Manager Allan Mikkelsen says.


He was in Sweden to assist with the installation and is very happy with the results. “We removed the old equipment in only four hours and completed the installation of our new equipment in time, complete with electrics, pressure hoses etc. By Sunday evening the new section was up and running.”


Complete processing line

At Carsoe we design, produce, and install food processing solutions for our customers. We deliver high quality solution all the way through the process and we do not hand over the job until it is complete. We were hired to complete this installation job, due to our large and experienced crew. No job is too big.

Food processing

We offer several solutions for your packaging line. Our world leading AnyTray denesters help you optimize handling and packaging of your product.

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