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A complete Carsoe factory for the Russian fishing company Luntos Co. Ltd.


While the design of the next Luntos factory has started in Denmark, the first Luntos trawler is in the final stages of installation in close collaboration with the customer.

The final phase

The Carsoe supervision team is continuously ensuring that the factory installation runs as planned on site in Vietnam. The trawler is scheduled to sail from the yard in the spring of 2021 and will set course for fishing in the Russian Far East.

“The factory was sold back in December 2019. Since then, the project has been designed, produced and is now being installed” says Area Sales Manager, Thomas Andreasen. The project has required the expertise of several different departments at Carsoe, who are all working together to provide the best possible solution for our client.

Our technical project manager, Troels Poulsen, has throughout the whole process kept in close contact with both the client and the relevant internal departments. He has expressed how pleased he has been with the collaboration between Carsoe and Luntos: “We have a very good partnership with Luntos, and have enjoyed working together to complete this project. We’re ready to start testing soon.”


A factory with high capacity


The trawler Luntos has a catch capacity of 180 tons per 24 hours, and will be fishing for herring, mackerel, sardines, and squid. All these species can be processed at the Carsoe factory on board the trawler. Each species has special routes through the factory based on the different needs for treatment and handling.

Sorting of the catch takes place on a roller grader, after which the fish are either frozen as whole fish or sent for main cutting, and filleting, on the two filleting machines. All products are frozen in blocks in 16 vertical plate freezers on board, before they are automatically placed in bags or master boxes, weighed, labeled, and sent for manual packing on pallets. They are then brought down to cargo by elevator, which is also supplied by Carsoe. As an additional feature, it is also possible to unload through the top of the elevator allowing for easy unloading when the trawler reaches port.


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