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A closer look at our shrimp grader

The catch onboard a shrimp trawl consists of shrimp in different sizes, because individual shrimp grow at different rates. Most shrimp are sold by grade or size. A shrimp grading machine automatically sorts the shrimp catch according to size before processing.

Grading the shrimp ensures a uniform end product, evenly cooked, frozen and packed according to its grade.



How the shrimp grader works


  1. The shrimp are distributed evenly on two oscillating screens through a feeding chute

  2. The screens have individually adjustable rails, allowing the shrimp to be led out at a suitable gap

  3. The small shrimp are led out first, while the larger ones continue till the edge of the screen.


The grader includes a carrier chain, which facilitates maintenance and longer operating time on the bearings.

Automatic grading of shrimp


The shrimp grader grades from 4 up to 7 different sizes and includes a quick adjustment system. This allows an easy change to other shrimp sizes. Thanks to the automatic lubricant injectors, the machine offers a gentle and accurate thickness grading of both cold water and warm water shrimp.

By adding a shrimp grader to your processing plant either onboard or onshore, you automate and optimize your production processes and reduce manual handling of the delicate catch.


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