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Shrimp processing equipment

7 new orders to association of boat owners

Carsoe has received 7 new orders for coastal shrimp fishing, and more are to follow. The orders come as a result of delivering the best processing equipment for onboard shrimp lines and an excellent long-term customer relationship. The equipment significantly enhances the quality of the catch while at the same time providing a full overview of the total load.

Shrimp processing equipment

The seven orders are delivered to members of ACPG, a Canadian association of fishing boat owners in the Quebec province. The seven shrimp boat customers all see huge benefits investing in a more automated shrimp line. The factory layouts resemble each other, and they all have in common to make production more efficient.

Included in the shrimp lines are infeed conveyor, bycatch separator, control conveyor, and batch scale for industrial shrimp. When the equipment is installed onboard, it makes production more efficient, heightens the load capacity, and improves working environment by reducing the amount of manual labor.

We are very much looking forward to having our boats automated, so that we can achieve a more future-proof fishing with focus on higher product quality, improved production flow, better working environment onboard, and more transparency of the load. Carsoe has received these 7 orders due to their high level of service, flexible approach, and the fact that they understand and support the fishermen’s situation.Dan Dupuis, ship owner at Emilien D

Equipment for faster production

The bycatch separator is of paramount importance in increasing our customers’ production capacity. It automates and speeds up the sorting process. The machine effectively separates small fish from shrimp by utilizing the principle that fish and shrimp have different adhesions. This means that fish are transported upwards, whereas the shrimp slide back down the conveyor belt where they continue for further handling.

The batch scale ensures direct filling of shrimp into sacks, and after automatic weighing out, the sacks go directly into the load. This streamlines the production and provides the crew with clear documentation of the exact contents of the hold.

The shrimp boats have a length of 20-24 meters and their focus is on coastal shrimp fishing. Typically, they are at sea for 5 days at a time.

About ACPG

ACPG was founded in 1983 by a group of fishing boat owners who wanted to cooperate on issues of common interest, such as the management of licenses and fishing quotas. Also, they wanted to offer themselves services that would facilitate the practice of their profession as fisherman, captain-owner, and manager of a fishing business.

The association is a major player in economic life in Rivière-au-Renard, Gaspésie, and Quebec. It brings together approx. 50 fishing boat owners.

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