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Stable and flexible standard lift

Lift IL 350

The Carsoe standard lift for meat trolleys up to 300 liters, offers many advantages and optional additions. 

All Carsoe lifts are characterized by their high level of stability, security, hygeine and service-ability.

The Lift IL 350 is made of glass blasted stainless steel, with chain in galvanized steel. The construction and production of the lift has been perfected through many years, meaning that you get an extremely stable lift that has been optimized in every aspect.

Product information

Lift specifications

Standard equipment

The lift is equipped with the following standard equipment:

  • Lock for trolleys
  • Anti-fall protection
  • Adjustable tilting height of 150 mm range
  • Easy access to the power steering and gearmotor
  • Gearmotor with food grade oil
  • Tilting angle 35°

Optional add-ons

In addition to the standard features of the lift, it can be produced with several add-ons:

  • Stainless steel chain
  • Barrel holder
  • Holders of special trollies or containers
  • Mobile stand, with 4 wheels, 2 with brakes
  • Safety guard (requirements by lifting higher than 2200 mm)
  • Trolley holder with funnel / chute (not suitable for liquid products)

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Questions about Lifts?

The configuration of your solution is done in close collaboration with our product specialists. They have designed countless lifting solutions and can help you configure the best lift for your production.

Let us work together to find the optimal solution for your lifting and handling needs.


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