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For continuous feeding of product

Buffer Conveyor

The Carsoe Buffer Conveyor is used for continuous feeding of product. The machine has a conveyor which is located in a closed buffer tank, which means that there is no product or liquid waste during production.

In addition, the conveyor in the Buffer Conveyor is equipped with hydraulic lifting, which makes it easy to clean the machine. 

The Intech Buffer Conveyor consists of a frame with a conveyor belt that is driven by a drum motor, which is also mounted on the frame. The conveyor is immersed in a buffer tank.

The machine is equipped with safety covers and safety switches. When these safety covers are opened, the Buffer Conveyor automatically stops by the safety switches. To continue operation, the covers must be closed, and the machine can be started by pressing the START button on the control panel. For cleaning the machine, the Buffer Conveyor can be swiveled up by pressing UP on the control panel.

Product information

Technical data

  • Container: Approx. 540 liters
  • Surface: Glass blasted stainless steel
  • Motor: Interroll drum motor
  • Conveyor belt: Scanbelt type S.50-806 PE/Blue BB = 400 mm
  • Including: Hose break valve and throttle valve; Hydraulic lifting function of conveyor

Key features


  • Conveyor for continuous feeding of product
  • No product or liquid waste during production
  • Easy to clean
  • With hydraulic lifting
  • Equipped with safety covers and safety switches

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