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The Carsoe Step & Go with Electrical Denester Solution


The Carsoe Step & Go with electrical denester solution can be used for different purposes and applied to several different existing production facilities.


In this case, the Step & Go system consists of two buffers with electrical denesters and a Servo driven Step & Go conveyor belt. The solution is installed in combination with the customer’s Multihead Weigher to index one or two portions at a time.

The line is further is equipped with a vibrating mechanism for flattening out the products in the trays before they reach the tray sealer.


Check out the video to see the Step & Go system.


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✔ Intelligent filling of trays in your production


The buffers automatically dispense the trays. An intelligent control system lets you choose between single or double tray dispensing and ensures that the Step & Go conveyor places the trays at the correct position for filling. 

After filling, a vibrating mechanism is activated to make sure that the product is spread evenly in the tray. This facilitates sealing, by avoiding product accumulation at the top of the tray.


✔ Less manual handling & increased capacity


This solution ensures that trays are fed, filled, and weighed out before sealing. The easy adjustment function makes the system compatible with any tray size. The automated processes with double indexing of trays means that you can:

  • Eliminate manual handling and save manpower with automatic feeding of trays
  • Increase the speed and capacity of the production on your line


✔ Customized tray dispensing solution


Our solutions are always customized to fit your requirements and production needs. It can be installed into your existing facilities or added as part of a new production line.

Contact us to learn more about your options.

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