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Pneumatic or Electrical Food processing equipment?

When designing your food processing line, the choice between electrical or pneumatic processing equipment can be complicated. There are many factors to consider and both systems have obvious benefits.

We often determine the best solution for our customers through calculations and dialogue.

We discuss subjects such as

  • Current production layout and installations
  • Service requirements
  • Production capacity
  • Investment costs vs. daily running costs

In the end we determine the solution best suited for the clients needs, and design the processing equipment accordingly.

Advantages of pneumatic processing equipment

The pneumatic processing line is a well-known technology and has been running in production facilities for years and is easily accessible for the onsite technical staff.

This means that service and maintenance are handled quickly thus reducing the downtime of the production. Furthermore, the pneumatic solution entails a cheaper investment costs for the equipment.

Advantages of electrical processing equipment

The electrical processing line is a newer technology and can be a good choice when focusing on more environmental solutions, for example when designing completely new processing plants.

While the investment costs are higher, the electrical equipment has a lower daily running cost. Also, the electrical lines are able to run at a higher speed, providing that the additional equipment can handle the capacity.

Consult with our processing specialists

With our extensive experience in designing food processing lines for customers around the world, we have the necessary knowledge to advice and guide our customers. Please contact us for a more in depth talk about your processing setup.


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