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New freezing solution increases production yield

Food production facilities around the world keep getting bigger and bigger, and thus demand a higher yield from their freezing lines. Effective and large-scale freezing is an important part of a modern production facility.

The increased production demands of our clients have led to a new Carsoe freezer design with a higher capacity. The new design is based on our well-known Vertical Flat Top Freezer. With this strong basis, we designed a new and larger plate freezer model.

Large-scale Flat Top Freezer

When a new client approached us looking for a large-scale plate freezer, we designed a solution to accommodate their production needs. The result is a special version of our Vertical Flat Top Freezer with 48 stations. Industry standards typically top out at 42-44 stations, depending on block thickness.

By having one extra-large freezer, as much as 8% bigger than the ordinary Vertical Flat Top Freezer, our client will be able to save both space and time while increasing their production capacity. Additionally, the capacity of the freezer fits exactly with how much the client can fit on one of their pallets.

The first delivery is for five large flat top plate freezers, and the line will be expanded to 10 freezers later. The large plate freezer optimizes production, production flow, and simplifies the factory setup.

Plate freezing design focused on production flow

When a client requests something very specific and out of the ordinary, we are happy to try and assist with this. Our many years of experience and expertise in the field of effective plate freezing enables us to design strong, effective, and reliable freezing solutions for our customers.

Read more about our vertical flat top freezers here:

Nicolai Rasmus Jensen -  Freezing solutions - Carsoe

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