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Introducing the Diverger & Tray Turner: A flexible and multifunctional stand-alone machine


We are proud to introduce a new product to our AnyTray LeanOne product range: the combined Diverger & TrayTurner that can be easily implemented into existing production lines or as part of your new production line. This is the first multifunctional product on the market to solve both production needs.

See the Anytray LeanOne Diverger and Tray Turner in action




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New equipment to complete your production line

The diverger is multifunctional and functions as both a diverger and a trayturner.

In practice, this means that the machine can be installed to either split your product flow from a single lane into twin lanes, or it can turn the trays from short edge leading to long edge leading, or the other way around.

The dual function means that some production facilities can save an entire production line by simply switching th equipment from diverger to tray turner when running single lane products.  

We have made it simple and quick to change from one tray size and from one setting to the other. Whichever setting you choose for your Carsoe diverger, you will see a decrease in your production costs.

Our customers' requirements for flexibility have led to this new development of a 2-in-1 solution.

By using this machine our customers can utilize the capacity of their two-lane tray sealer and at the same time have the option of running a single lane production. 

- Jess Kristensen, Sales and Business Manager Food

Satisfied customers on day one


A few weeks ago, we installed the first of three AnyTray LeanOne Diverger & Trayturner machines on the market in the production facilities of one of our clients.

The feedback is very positive: the client is especially pleased with and impressed by the open and hygienic design of the machine. It was further added that the look of the machine is slick and modern.

We always take great pride in our design, not because of the appearance, but because of the benefits. With the focus always being on an open and hygienic design, we ensure a low maintenance and high functionality for our clients.

Food processing

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