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Introducing: anytray leanone

The World’s Most Flexible Denesting Solution


The new AnyTray LeanOne denester is truly a piece of innovation. With the new lightweight denester you can ensure both the safety of your employees as well as the efficiency of your production. The reversible denester allow you to halve the amount of denesters needed, as it can be used in both directions and on both buffer and rack solutions.

Lighter than ever

The LeanOne series is the newest addition to the popular AnyTray denesting product range. During the development of the new product, the main goal has been to keep the weight down while creating a solution that is very easy for the operator to handle.

With a net weight from as low as 9.4 kg, the LeanOne denester is the lightest solution to date. Even the height of the denester is lower than the usual denester solutions, making the LeanOne denester both easier and safer to handle, as there is less heavy lifting for your employees.


Multifunctional and strong

In addition to the lightweight solution, the AnyTray LeanOne denester is also reversible and equipped with a very simple mechanism for changing the cassette. This results in more flexibility and a better utilization of the equipment in your production.

The unique low-stacking technology increases your packaging capacity, as it is capable of handling up to 67% more trays per stack, depending on the type of trays. Due to the innovative technology where cylinders gently separate the trays, LeanOne can handle tightly packed stacks of trays as well as more fragile ones, such as foam and cardboard trays.


Same denester across machinery

Another advantage to the LeanOne denester is that it can be used on both buffer and rack solutions. This leads to a higher and better use of your investment, as the same denester can be used with all your denesting machines. At the same time, you will benefit from a cost reduction as the result of the reduced amount of denesters needed. All in all, the LeanOne denester is bullet-proof and very cost-effective.


AnyTray LeanOne
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✔ Customized tray dispensing solution

Our solutions are always customized to fit your requirements and production needs. It can be installed into your existing facilities or added as part of a new production line.

Visit the product pages to learn more about the products in the AnyTray LeanOne range or contact us to learn more about your options. :

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