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Vertical and horizontal plate freezing

International Freezing Seminar

Last week Carsoe hosted an international freezing seminar with committed and engaged sales partners from Australia, Europe, and the US.  

The freezing seminar was a great mix of practical exercises and specialist presentations covering discussions on plate freezing technology, product training, customer site visits, and general knowledge sharing with a group of highly skilled delegates.

It is all about plate freezing

Our sales partners had a great output from the seminar sharing knowledge and valuable strategic input on how to approach potential customers and new freezing projects. We shared both practical methods and success stories, and everyone got new useful insights to customer handling and ideas for future improvements.

We provided our participants with a deeper technical insight into the different types of plate freezers, including vertical plate freezer, horizontal plate freezer, and automatic horizontal plate freezer. This knowledge is of vital importance to our sales partners when they present customers with how to benefit the most from using plate freezers in their production and processing lines. To our end-users, this includes information on recent freezer improvements and innovations including the newest custom features.  

Plate freezing network

In addition, the seminar was a unique opportunity to strengthen relations between both our network of international sales partners and with Carsoe as a freezing technology partner. New contacts were made, and existing relations were developed further.

Product portfolio

Carsoe is an experienced plate freezing manufacturer producing vertical and horizontal plate freezers. The product portfolio comprises both stand-alone freezers and complete customized solutions. Common for our freezing solutions are their strong and durable stainless steel construction, high degree of flexibility, and hygienic design.

Carsoe thanks everyone who participated for their high commitment and for investing their time in this.  

Nicolai Rasmus Jensen -  Freezing solutions - Carsoe

Nicolai Rasmus Jensen

Sales Manager - Freezing Solutions

+45 20 13 46 23