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Carsoe and Havfront

Cooperation with service partner in Tromsø, Norway

Carsoe has entered into an agreement with Norwegian manufacturer, Havfront, to assist servicing our fish gutting machines, KM Mark 5 and KM Mark 7, in the area in and around Tromsø. Havfront has office in Tromsø and operates from the port of Tromsø, which provides them with a unique geographical position to service the many fresh fish vessels that come into port in this region.

Fish Gutting Machine

Service and maintenance

To Carsoe, it is natural to partner up with Havfront on the service area, as their technicians already perform service and maintenance on other seafood equipment onboard the vessels and as they furthermore have the needed capacity and experience to carry out service on seafood equipment and in particular KM Mark 5 and KM Mark 7.

Service Manager at Havfront, Mats Nordstrand, already has in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience of the KM Mark 5 fish gutting machine, and he has completed a three-day KM Mark 7 product training course at Carsoe HQ in Denmark enabling him and Havfront to perform service on both machine models.

It has been rewarding to participate in the Carsoe product training. Even though both KM Mark 5 and KM Mark 7 are similar fish gutting machines, there are several differences between the models that we need to be aware of to be able to service them correctly.

Performing service on the Carsoe fish gutting machines complements our existing service area, and we find it natural to expand our assistance with the Carsoe cooperation.
Mats Nordstand, Service Manager, Havfront.

Large stock of spare parts

Great potential in the teamwork

Business Manager at Carsoe, Rasmus Kronborg Nielsen, is also very pleased with the new cooperation and sees great potential in the teamwork.

We look very much forward to a great collaboration with Havfront. Their customer service approach combined with their great industry knowledge and their physical presence in Tromsø make them an ideal service partner for Carsoe on the fish gutting machines.

They can respond quickly to service the equipment on the vessels. Often it is within few hours, which is of crucial importance for our customers
Rasmus Kronborg Nielsen, Business Manager, Carsoe.

In addition, the cooperation between the two companies includes, that Havfront has a large stock of spare parts for the fish gutting machines at their warehouse, which provides them with fast access to the needed spare parts to keep the equipment operating efficiently.

Havfront contact information


Søndre Tollbodgate 15a
9008 Tromsø, Norway


Tel. +47 770 29 500

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