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Fast Delivery and Flexible Equipment Sealed the Deal

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the right partner for your food processing equipment. In this case, our customer is working hard on getting their new factory up and running, and fast delivery is key. Therefore, we will deliver the first part of their new equipment only three weeks after order confirmation.

The final touches are being made to the processing design for one of our customers. The new factory is equipped with eight production lines, one of which is a high-speed Portion 2 Pack line for minced meat. The first equipment shipment from Carsoe will leave the workshop within the next few weeks. The rest of the equipment will be delivered in the beginning of august.

Rack solutions tie the packaging line together

In addition to the complete line, the order also includes 17 denesters and 7 AnyTray LeanOne rack solutions for the additional lines. The racks are built together with the rest of the packaging line to create a coherent production flow.

Using the same rack solution for the eight lines means that the 17 denester heads can be used on all production lines, and the lightweight LeanOne denester allows for easy changeover between tray sizes.

This gives the customer maximum flexibility and great utilization of the equipment. It also means a significant reduction in the investment costs as the required number of denester heads is reduced.

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