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Denest any type of tray in your AnyTray equipment


The AnyTray equipment is true to its name. The denesting equipment fra Carsoe literally denests any tray, you have in your production.

As you can see for yourself in the video, the AnyTray equipment denest any type of tray, cardboard or plastic with ease. It is a reliable and preferred choice for food processing.

Video: Halopack, Paperseal or Jospak tray denesting


Eco-friendly food processing equipment

Denesting of Cardboard trays has been a growing demand for the Carsoe production. The ongoing dialoque with the customers is essential for the development of equipment.

“We are seeing an increase in requests for environmentally friendly processing solutions from food processing factories across the world", Sales and Business Manager, Jess Kristensen says.


Both our production and equipment is designed or customization and it is only natural for us to accommodate our customers’ requests. It is what we do on a daily basis. 

Food processing

We offer several solutions for your packaging line. Our world leading AnyTray denesters help you optimize handling and packaging of your product.

The latest at Carsoe

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