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Case story: Flat top freezers handle 95 tons of frozen chicken a day


A complete freezing line with 9 flat top freezers, crane and filling systems ensure an efficient freezing process for the MHP factory, Vinnitskaya Poultry Farm, located in Ukraine.

The high-capacity flat top freezers from Carsoe combined with the freezing setup is designed to create the best solution to minimize service needs and maximize the lifespan of the freezing line.

A strong freezing solution

The choice of the flat top freezers was easy. The heavy built freezer with a full stainless-steel frame is a stabile choice for a high-capacity freezing line. The double-sided contact allows for quick freezing of the product resulting in a lower energy consumption in the production. Furthermore, the freezing of blocks in the flat top freezers does not require use of plastic interlays around the blocks.

For easy filling and emptying of the freezers, Carsoe designed a combined solution with a crane and emptying systems along with their partner Mesmec.

During the project phase, Carsoe was a great partner and helped solve many issues plus they aided in improving the refrigeration installation even further.
- Konstantin Karandashov, Chief Engineer at Vinnitskaya Poultry Farm 

Quick and easy handling of frozen blocks


The lifting crane eliminates the need for manual handling of the frozen blocks. This means more ergonomic working conditions for the factory workers. By letting the crane do the heavy lifting, MHP ensures a uniform and precise emptying of the freezer, while reducing the risk of machine damages or personnel injury.

The semi-automated emptying also optimizes the emptying time for each freezer:

  • A manual emptying takes 2 operators around 20 minutes

  • With the crane solution the freezer can be emptied in only 2 minutes with a single operator controlling the crane

  • With 9 freezers running around the clock this means significant savings in time and operator handling.

We are very happy with the Vertical Flat Top freezers from Carsoe. The fixed dividers reduce the reload and handling time between each cycle, and the design of the freezer allows for quicker cleaning.

- Konstantin Karandashov, Chief Engineer at Vinnitskaya Poultry Farm

Customized HMI panels


To give the operators more options, Carsoe also designed HMI panels to easily monitor and adjust the freezers.

The HMI panels included with the freezers are very intuitive and offers a great deal of customization which allows us the see the information that is relevant to us.

The addition of the temperature probe arm allows us to monitor the freezing process from start to finish, and due to the sensors position in the top of the block, we are getting the best readout of the current temperature of the block.

- Konstantin Karandashov, Chief Engineer at Vinnitskaya Poultry Farm 

Nicolai Rasmus Jensen -  Freezing solutions - Carsoe

Nicolai Rasmus Jensen

Sales Manager - Freezing Solutions

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