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Carsoe finalizes new and optimized liquid freezing solution

Freezing liquids in a Vertical Plate Freezer has always been tricky. Creating a tight solution is not as easy as it may sound. Until now.

Recently, we successfully conducted a test of a new Vertical Plate Freezer design at one of our existing clients’ facilities. The results of the test show that we are now able to offer a new and improved solution to our clients. The new solution is designed to yield a quick and effective freezing of liquids in our Vertical Plate Freezers.

Vertical Plate Freezer for freezing of liquids

Vertical plate freezing ensures quick and effective freezing of material and a high product quality. Vertical plate freezers are usually used for solid products. However, with the new and optimized design, the Carsoe plate freezers also offers effective freezing of liquids.


There have been several requests for the most optimal solution for freezing liquids. Through a redesign of a part of the chamber in our Vertical Plate Freezer, we are now able to accommodate these requests. The goal was to ensure a liquid tight freezer which requires less maintenance, and at the same time enables the frozen blocks to be easily removed from the freezer.


The results are indisputable; with the new freezer design we can now offer our clients a freezer specifically engineered for the handling of liquids, with a minimum spill of product. At the same time, the new design warrants a long life span on the freezers. 

Effective freezing optimizes product transportation

It is vital for the product quality that the product is frozen immediately after production and before transport. Thanks to our solution, the frozen blocks can be easily stacked and transported without further packaging of the product.


Previously, clients have been freezing their liquids in stainless-steel tanks. Using this method has a very negative impact on freezing time, resulting in up to 48 hours of freezing time and high transportation costs due to the weight of the tanks. The new solution thereby not only optimizes the transport process, it also reduces the transportation costs, as the weight of the goods are reduced.


Interested in learning more about the liquid freezing solution? Contact one of our freezing experts to learn more.

Nicolai Rasmus Jensen -  Freezing solutions - Carsoe

Nicolai Rasmus Jensen

Sales Manager - Freezing Solutions

+45 20 13 46 23

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