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9 New Production Lines Equipped With AnyTray LeanOne

Our AnyTray workshop is buzzing with life. We are hard at work completing a large order. 9 production lines and 27 denesters is due in June for a new meat processing factory.

The customer is a long-time business partner for Carsoe and we have delivered equipment for their other factories for years. This time, they chose the newly launched AnyTray LeanOne. When the new product was presented to them, the choice was easy. Three major advantages are the reasons for their choice:

No. 1 - Low weight

The new LeanOne series is the lightest denester solution to date, weighing only 9,4 kg. The low weight makes it much easier to change denester in the production line. It means a reduction in the heavy lifting of the factory workers as well as quicker transition time. 

No. 2 - Optimized storage

Storing denester can take up a lot of space in the factory. This is significantly reduced with the AnyTray LeanOne. The design is very compact and with a height of only 110 mm, it will take up less storage space.

The order also includes 27 denesters for line. Therefore minimal storage and easy handling are key features that really makes a difference in the customer’s production flow.

No. 3 - Turnable

Finally, the LeanOne denester is turnable. This means that the same denester can be used for two variations for each tray (wide edge leading and short edge leading) in the production line. This means that the customer’s costs for buying extra denest heads is reduced, and it also optimizes our customers production, handling, and storage.


Pneumatic denesting

Carsoe delivers both electrical and pneumatic denester solutions for our customers. This customer chose to continue using pneumatic denesting, which they have been doing for years. They like the easy servicing and the low-tech advantages of pneumatics, which enables them to do most of the maintenance themselves.

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