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Customized processing solutions



The Carsoe silotanks are usually produced to be either standing on a foundation, hanging from the ceiling or with an integral skirt to make room for pumps and valves below the tank.

The choice of design as well as materials is tailored to accommodate the requirements for the product at hand.

Quality from start to finish


We make individual calculations of your tank to determine wall thickness and venting. Our designers draw everything in 3D, allowing you to virtually review and approve the tank before we commence the production

We also prepare flow simulation that ensures the correct number and size of agitators.

  • All our tanks are made in a hygienic design
  • We use only steel and components from leading European suppliers
  • All parts are manufactured in Denmark by our certified employees

Customized solutions

Examples: Silotank equipment

  • Insulation with Crimp Wrap or Armaflex

  • Exterior cladding with trapezoid or stainless steel 2B plate

  • The top can be equipped with ISO top, railing, ladder and anti-slip

  • Mechanical vacuum breaker solution for tanks fitted with vent pipes to ensure reduction of the risk of collapsing during overfilling

  • Cooling/heating jacket, as well as electric heat tracing

  • Agitators

  • Alcove or complete tank finger built with stainless steel rafters and panel walls

Søren Tim Christensen Carsoe

Søren Tim Christensen

Sales and Business Manager - Dairy

+45 50 70 11 30
Kirsten Petersen Carsoe

Kirsten Petersen

Sales Engineer - Dairy

+45 20 90 25 81


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Our stainless steel tanks solutions

We custom-build the tanks for your specific needs and also handle installation of your stainless steel tanks. Read more about our products and services below.