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In the Nordic region, Carsoe is the leading supplier of stainless-steel tanks for the food industry. We custom-build the tanks to accommodate our customers’ needs. We deliver single tank solutions as well as complete tank systems. In this case, Carsoe tanks become a vital part of your production.

We have produced stainless steel silo tanks as large as 450 m3 and we are known for delivering high quality. The tanks are used for storage of dairy and food products, oils, chemicals, or water.

We also build process tanks tailored for specific purposes. Depending on the use, the tank is built with cooling/heating, various agitators and an internal finish.


Vessels and Tanks

Carsoe is a market leader in designing and manufacturing stainless steel tanks for the food and pharmaceutical industries. We are a total supplier of both stand-alone tanks and large complex systems.

We provide professional advice. You will be associated with the same project manager throughout the order process. To make the process even more manageable for you, Carsoe is responsible for everything from planning, design, manufacturing, transport and installation.

You only need one supplier for the job.

Our stainless steel tanks solutions

We custom-build the tanks for your specific needs and also handle installation of your stainless steel tanks. Read more about our products and services below.

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Turn-key solutions

Of course, we also deliver a complete turn-key solution, regardless of whether you are based in Denmark, the Nordic countries or the rest of the world.

Carsoe's turnkey solutions in stainless steel tanks include dimensioning of foundation, freight, crane and assembly.

We further construct complete tank finger building, with associated alcoves and we are EN-1090-1 certified.


Søren Tim Christensen Carsoe

Søren Tim Christensen

Sales and Business Manager - Dairy

+45 50 70 11 30
Kirsten Petersen Carsoe

Kirsten Petersen

Sales Engineer - Dairy

+45 20 90 25 81


Want to know more?

Contact us and let us work together to find the optimal solution for your vessel.


After Sales

Installation of the solutions is handled by our After Sales team.

Our After Sales Team consists of experienced fitters, who are used to handling the large silo tanks in cramped spaces.

They also handle the neccesart maintenance and service of your stainless steel tank solution.