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Anytray Tray evaluation

Please fill out the form below, with all Information requested.

Make sure the automatic generated Shipping Number is added clearly on the Shipment. You will receive an e-mail, whenever you ship the trays to our attention.

For evaluation, we need a stack of approximately 50-100 trays of each tray type – even if the only difference is the tray depth. Carsoe will reply with an Evaluation Report

For a proper test of the equipment, we need approximately 300-500 trays of each tray type.

Send your trays to:
Carsoe A/S
Mineralvej 6-8
9220 Aalborg


Tray evaluation app

Download the Carsoe Tray evaluation App for iphone or android here or search for "carsoe" in your app store

Questions about denesting?

Contact us

Please contact us for any questions on Food processing equipment. 

Jess Kristensen - AnyTray Denesting - Carsoe

Jess Kristensen

Sales and Business Manager - Food division

+45 40 78 79 79
209 Lars Zederkof Carsoe

Lars Zederkof

Sales Director - Anytray

+45 29 36 19 36
Jesper Steen Carsoe

Jesper Steen Christensen

Director -

+49 175 580 3040

Carsoe Group


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Contact us and learn more about our products and turnkey solutions.