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For rack and buffer

AnyTray LeanOne Denester 9.01

The AnyTray LeanOne Denester is an automatic denesting system that fast and accurately denests trays onto the production/packing line.

The system can handle up to 67% more trays per stack than other denesting products.

The compact LeanOne Denester 9.01 provides a tool free, one-minute changeover from the most common tray type to the most specified type, making your production more efficient.

The innovative technology makes the LeanOne Denester applicable for both tightly packed stacks of trays as well as more fragile ones.

Watch the LeanOne series in action

Each AnyTray LeanOne Denester is custom made for one tray with specific length and width, but the AnyTray LeanOne Denester is able to handle trays of different material and depth.

AnyTray LeanOne Denester

3 Key Features

Easy to integrate

The LeanOne denester is easy to integrate into existing production/packing lines, regardless of what type of trays is used.


The lightweight denester can be used for both short- or wide edge leading.

The same denester is used for buffer and rack solutions.

Hygienic design

The hygienic design of the AnyTray LeanOne denester makes cleaning and maintenance easy and efficient. This ensures a clean production area.



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