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AnyTray Cleanline Single Rack


The AnyTray CleanLine Single Rack is a stand prepared for the AnyTray CleanLine Denester. The AnyTray CleanLine Rack is supplied with electrical/pneumatic control panel.

Our AnyTray Cleanline Single Rack can easily be integrated into an existing production/packing line. It has a capacity of more than 120 trays per minute, depending on tray shape and size. 

The Carsoe AnyTray Single Rack is handcrafted in Denmark and made of stainless steel. It is cost-effective with low maintenance and a hygienic design.

a flexible solution

Optimized production flow

Including a rack into your production line is a flexible solution for moving your production from manual labor to an automatic solution. This ensures an optimized and automated flow in your production lines.

With an AnyTray Single Rack, you will get a quick and easy, one-minute switch between different tray sizes. You will also gain full external control of the denesting speed.

AnyTray Cleanline Single Rack

3 Key Features

Efficient cleaning

A clean production is key. The hygienic design makes cleaning and maintenance of both rack and additional AnyTray equipment easy and efficient.

Easy change-over

The rack solution is designed to ensure a quick switch between tray sizes, and still keep your production speed at the highest level.

1-120 trays per minute

Maximize your production capacity with high-speed, automated tray dispensing. Carsoes pneumatic solutions has a capacity from 1-120 trays per minute.

Questions about denesting?

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Please contact us for any questions on Food processing equipment. 

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