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AnyTray Cleanline Buffer

The AnyTray CleanLine Buffer is designed to consistently provide the AnyTray CleanLine Denester with trays at a speed up to 120 trays per minute.

The automatic feeding of the AnyTray denester from a buffer of full height tray stacks results in less manual intervention and lower operating costs. This is also thanks to the easy, one-minute changeover from one tray size to another.

The system handles trays of many different sizes and shapes

Automate processes

Integrate into your production line

Integrating a buffer to your production line offers less manual handling and lower operating costs.

The buffer storage and feeds full stack tray stacks into the denester automatically allowing for a continuous production flow and fewer stops.

The AnyTray buffer is easily integrated into an existing production or packing line. It includes an intelligent electrical control system and has a hygienic design. 





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